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Packages for Schools and Groups

Schools and groups are welcome to use our materials to train teachers to teach writing. For single classroom teachers or small groups and schools they may wish to purchase the items individually. All our programs permit group showing as long as everyone has his or her own syllabus.

For schools and groups anticipating larger numbers or for those planning to show the discs as seminars, one of our group packages would be the best choice. These group packages allow you to purchase additional teacher and student notebooks at a reduced rate.

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

  • All 9 TWSS Discs (6 teacher seminar and 3 intro lessons at 3 grade levels)
  • Back-up set of DVDs
  • 12 copies of the Seminar Syllabus and Workbook
  • Additional Seminar Syllabus and Workbooks available at $14 at any time in the future
  • Free upgrade if materials are revised in the future

This package grants permanent and transferable license for unrestricted use (multiple showings, library check-out, fund raising purposes, on-going staff development) and includes unlimited toll-free consultation before, during, and after implementation.

The back-up set of discs ensures that your program will not be delayed by disc failure or loss.

Student Writing Intensive Classroom Set
(Choose one Level: A, B or C) $295.00

  • Set of 4 DVDs
  • 12 Student Material Packets
  • Additional Student Materials at $12 anytime in the future.

These discs may be used for a group showing and/or in a library. Facilitator should have completed the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course, live or video.

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