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The purpose of these clips is not to present the general content of the courses. Content is better described on the writing pages. Instead, these clips are here to give you a feel for the style of Andrew Pudewa’s teaching and overall rapport with both student and teacher.

Clips from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

  • All Kinds of Writers: Andrew describes the typical students and challenges that writing teachers face in a class or home setting.
    Sample: All Kinds of Writers (2.3 mb Quicktime)
  • Considerations: This seminar is full of teaching tips like these that will help instructors solve or prevent typical writing problems.
    Sample: Considerations for the Educator (2.1 mb Quicktime)

Clips from Student Writing Intensives

  • SWI Group A: Outlining a Topic: From Disc 3, these elementary age students are now given a quick overview to outline from multiple references in preparation for writing a paragraph-long report.
    Outlining a Topic (4.3 mb Quicktime)
  • SWI Group C: Dress-ups: From Disc 1, these 8th grade plus students are being introduced to the "nasty" adverbial clause dress-up.
    Adverbial Clause (3.1 mb Quicktime)

Selection from the Spelling CDs

Poetry Sampling

  • Two poems: "Ooey Gooey" from Level One and "Jabberwocky" from Level Two.
    Listen Now (260k mp3)

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