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Training Leaders with

A Thomas Jefferson Education

A Thomas Jefferson Education second edition

By Oliver Van DeMille. An absolute must-read book! This discussion of leadership education accurately exposes the conveyor-belt training systems we currently see in institutional education, instills the vision of what true learning should be, and gives clear guidelines on how to recreate the educational experience of Jefferson and his contemporaries in our own home or classroom, through a combination of mentors and classics. Although philosophically rich and very inspiring, this book also provides practical answers and substantive how-to-really-do-it details that allow the reader’s zeal to flow right into application. Above all, it is a book that will permanently change your concept of what education can and should be. Required reading for every serious parent, teacher, or private school administrator.

197 pages, hardcover.

New! Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion

By Oliver and Rachel DeMille and Diann Jeppson. The core unit of society is the family, and it is in our homes that our values and virtues most deeply take root and flourish. Regardless of where your children sit to learn, your home ca be transformed into a Leadership Education Home, a Thomas Jefferson Education environment. This volume offers something new, something which we all need: a view of Leadership Education from many angles, from the education of toddlers to advanced adult learning. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, legislator, professor or grandparent, this book is a must.

Leadership Training Packages

By special arrangement with George Wythe College Press, we are able to offer several of their most important publications at a reduced price for parents and teachers who have read A Thomas Jefferson Education and earnestly desire to implement Leadership Education with their students.  

Bonus Disc!
Individually, the items in each package would total over $50.00,  but we are offering them as a set for $39.00.  Additionally we are including Andrew Pudewa’s talk “Rebuilding Your Education Paradigm” on audio CD as a bonus for purchasing either package (one bonus disc per family).

GWC Package A

Package A is recommended first. DeMille’s explanation of “The Seven Keys” will profoundly illuminate your understanding of the Thomas Jefferson Education approach, while the accompanying articles will empower you to make real, substantial changes in the way you structure education in your home or classroom. 

• The Seven Keys of Great Teaching (2-CDs)
• Core and Love of Learning (49 pg. booklet)
• Scholar Phase (28 pg. booklet)
• A Thomas Jefferson Education In Our Home (32 pg. booklet)
• How to Read a Book (28 pg. booklet) (A total of $52.00 if purchased separately)

GWC Package B

Package B will continue to develop your understanding and skill in creating a Thomas Jefferson Education style educational environment. With two CD sets and two new booklets of essays, you will be energized to keep striving, and “The Four Lost Ideals” lecture is superb for helping students themselves understand what this paradigm change is all about.

• A Classical Approach to Art, Math & Science (2-CD set)
• The Four Lost American Ideals (CD)
• A New Collection of Essays on Education (24 pg. booklet)
• The Future of American Education (40 pg. booklet)

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