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High School Essay Intensive

New! This seminar on four DVDs presents tools and tips for tackling the timed essay as currently included in the SAT exam, and introduces strategies for writing a well-done “personal essay” for a college application.

Recorded live at Biola University, this full-day class fills four DVD discs, with handouts on one CD-Rom for ease of use with multiple students. Previous experience with the IEW program is helpful, but not required; the content is significantly different from any of our other courses.

Additionally, there are 14 Lessons included on the CD-rom for extra essay practice. This course can be used to fill an 18 week semester (4 weeks to watch the seminar at one disc per week and 14 weeks from the lesson plans).

In Part One, students write two entire 25-minute essays (a “before” and “after”), review grading criteria from The College Board, complete several types of outlines, and learn how to continue practicing for  the test.

Part Two discusses typical questions for college and university application “personal” essays, helps students determine structure based on length, and shows a concrete process for developing ideas. Participants write out one complete “TRIAC” paragraph, and work on a full outline for a real personal essay. 

The CD-Rom contains the .pdf files for both seminar handouts, and several bonus files (text, .mp3, and powerpoint) dealing with other aspects of  SAT preparation. This class is also available live (click on “Seminars” at right).

What is on Each Disc?

What is TRIAC?

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What Is On Each Disc?

Disc 1 and 2 (Part One)
SAT (Prompt-Based) Essay Preparation

• Practice for the SAT Essay  (Responding to a Prompt)
• Initial prompt exercise
• The Six-Point rubric
• Analysis of scored essays, discussion 
• How to Practice and Prepare for the SAT Essay
• Outlining Strategies
• Stylistic considerations 
• Second prompt exercise
• Plan for preparation, homework  


Disc 3 and 4 (Part Two)
College/University Application Essay

• Planning for the College Application Personal Essay
• Overview of what colleges want
• Analysis of samples 
• The Common Application
• Organizational strategies
• Stylistic considerations 
• Writing a notable essay
• Planning a draft exercise


CD Rom Includes:

• All the handouts necessary for the seminar
• Patsy Brekke’s “Essays on Demand” lesson plans, a 14 week program with complete prompts and instructions to practice SAT type essays.
• An SAT Preparation Lecture on MP3 by Julie Walker of Biola Youth Academics complete with power-point slides.

What is TRIAC ?

Topic: What are you writing about?

Restriction: Narrow the focus

Illustration: Give examples/evidence

Analysis: Show value, significance, problems, or impact

Clincher: Repeat or reflect topic

Testimonies from the live class:

"I really didn't want to come, but my mom made me, and I am soooo glad I did.  It's really going to help me, and I'm not so worried about the SAT essay any more."  

"I took the SAT last spring and did okay, but I'm going to do it again and go for a better score.  With this new information, I'm very sure I'll do better on the essay portion."  

"Mr. Pudewa’s seminar is like the rock concert of writing classes." 

"This workshop just de-mystified the whole thing for me.  Thanks!"  

"Although I've been in many of your classes before, this was awesome.  I especially loved the strategies for quickly planning and outlining a short essay, and the advice about how to formulate  an opinion and just go for it, even if you're a little undecided about the question.  Also the TRIAC paragraph model is awesome—it makes it so easy to organize a good paragraph."  

"Really glad I came. I learned a lot. (And I got out of school, too!)"

"I came to be with my son, but I actually had a lot of fun myself.  I sure wish I knew some of this  when I was going into college!"

"My daughter Elisa attended the High School Essay Prep Course last week. She really enjoyed Mr. Pudewa's humor and his techniques, tips, and tricks for writing timed essays and college application personal essays. In addition, she appreciated the in-class timed essays and other exercises that enabled her to put into practice what she had just learned. Not only did she gain valuable instruction with regard to the essays, but she picked up several other techniques such as the TRAIC paragraph model that she can immediately apply in her current writing assignments and papers. Thanks to Mr. Pudewa for an excellent course!" —Bethany in WA

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