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IEW Source Texts and Resources

Blended Structure and Style in Composition by JB Webster
The Webster Text. Covering in depth all nine units, Dr. Webster’s core text contains abundant examples, charts, motivational ideas, and models. It is the definitive reference for the Structure & Style writing program. Recommended for school teachers and those with advanced students. Indexed, illustrations.

Articles for Note Taking and Summaries
For use with Units I & II, these 40 short, one-page articles in large type (reading level Grades 1-4) are simple to use and helpful for those teaching note taking, summarizing and Dress-up in the primary grades. Pages may be photocopied or laminated for classroom use. Click here to view a PDF sample.

Source Texts from US History by Thornhill
If you are looking for some content-rich American History sources for summaries, stories, reports, creative writing, and research, this is it. Linda Thornhill, author of the award winning TRISMS history curriculum, has put together an exciting selection of source texts for all nine units, available in a convenient CD-ROM format. Spanning people and events in US History from Christopher Columbus to 9/11 and its aftermath, these original source texts are engaging, well-researched and tailored specifically for the nine units of the syllabus. Includes 71 pages with 32 source text selections: 2-5 articles for each Unit. Most of the selections are written at the 5th-8th grade level. Click here to view a PDF sample.

Pictures for Writing
For use with Unit V, these eighteen sets of three sequential pictures were created especially to help teach the writing from pictures model from the TWSS syllabus. Printed on card stock for maximum durability, these reproducible drawings have a simplicity and humor perfect for nurturing creativity. Suggested outlines or sample stories for selected pictures are also provided. Click here to view a PDF sample.

Mini-Book Set
These Mini-Books are ideal for use in teaching Unit VI (summarizing multiple references). Each Mini-book consists of 5 paragraphs showing clear topic/clincher structure and following the stylistic techniques checklist. Containing factual information about various animals, these short texts can be used singly or as a set to simulate a research process where multiple references would be fused. Reproducible within the classroom. 38 books, reading level 3rd grade and up.

New! The Elegant Essay Building Blocks for Analytical Writing By Lesha Myers
Piece by piece, The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-building process. From captivating introductions, to compelling descriptions and convincing conclusions, students learn to bring their words and their arguments to life. With explanation and practice exercises, it is an excellent extension and refinement of IEW Unit VIII. 100 pages. Click here to view a PDF sample.

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